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Nanchong Technician College registration, Nanchong Technician College registration method 2020, Nanchong Technician College registration contact 15281780040, you can apply for national grants 4000 yuan free
2020 Nanchong Technician College five-year college enrollment popular majors: the school opened a major: oil and gas exploration, UAV application technology, railway passenger transport services, aviation services, preschool education, nursing, CNC mold, automobile maintenance and construction, electronic technology, e-commerce, hotel management, clothing design

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  • A letter to the parents of the students. Dear parents: Hello! In the midsummer, the summer vacation of 2021 is coming. Thank you for your understanding, trust and support for school education. During the holidays, students have more free time. Parents are requested to fulfill the responsibility of guardianship
  • In 2021, Nanchong Technician College opens in autumn. On September 1-3, 2021, the freshmen report for duty at 9:10 a.m. on August 26, the volunteers gathered at the gate of the nursing home. The responsible person explained the general situation of the nursing home to the volunteers who participated in the activity, and then divided the volunteers into four teams

Enrollment major

Medical imaging technology major of Nanchong Technician College

Acupuncture and massage major of Nanchong Technician College

Nursing major of Nanchong Technician College

Preventive medicine major of Nanchong Technician College

Pharmacy major of Nanchong Technician College

Automobile engineering major of Nanchong Technician College

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